The electronic flight book for General Aviation

You would like to have always all your pilots flight times available central in your office.
Then you will get that what you need - phi...eFlightBook.

With the iPhone app eFlightBook pilots manage their flights easily and conveniently. With the professional version of  eFlightBook they are able to synchronize all data with the SQLServer in their headquaters. This gives you all flight duty and rest times, as well as activity reports at your fingertip.  

Features of eFlightBook

You log your flights, manage airports and aircrafts. Analyses for flight times based on multi-engine, turbine and total time, for total landings, IFR and night are available. You can export your flights in Excel csv files and send them via e-mail. In addition, the summary of the last 3, 12 and 24 months are available.



Features of eFlightBook Pro - with additional features and possible server connection

The professional version offers the same features as in the basic version. In addition, you can flights assign at clients and make analyses,etc. based on clients. The server connection provides you the ability to synchronize all data with a SQLServer, so you have all the data centrally for reporting and backup available.

With eFlightBook Pro and a connection to a server with the additionally acquired server software, you can easily and conveniently perform any analyzes and create reports. If you apply for an account on our server and we host your data, you will receive an Excel application and can generate your flight duty and rest times, activity reports, as well as pilots personal flight log in accordance with JAR-FCL 2.080 at your fingertip.
Of course we develop at your request specific evaluations and reports for your business.


eFlightBook Pro       eFlightBook Pro

eFlightBook Pro

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